Blockchain items explained

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What are NFT blockchain items

In short, NFTs are digital assets that have unique properties programmed into them. They are stored on the public blockchain, while your control over them is secured using cryptography. These unique properties in a digital asset give it rarity, can make them highly collectible and easy to trade. Thanks to blockchain technology, and its ability to record data that can’t be altered or tampered with, digital assets can now have their lifespan tracked, giving trust and reassurance to an NFT collector or owner that they own something original.

As well as art, music, poetry, books and land, NFTs can be applied to in-game assets in gaming. Until now the companies designing games have held all the power. If you want to buy an item to use within the game you’re playing, you pay money, get your asset but you don’t actually own it. The moment you choose to give up playing the game and walk away, your purchase is gone. All those hours battling clans, or mastering race tracks are gone as the gamer finds their next game adventure to immerse themselves into. NFTs can shift the power back into the hands of the gamer. NFTs can not only be bought, auctioned and traded in online marketplaces, and the most important transferable between multible games . That rare sword you levelled up in one game may just be a very useful item in your next game. Imagine being able to own an asset that was once owned by one of your favourite gamers or YouTube influencers. Blockchain tech can show the provenance of an item giving it value and making it collectible. You can level up your NFT so it has the same strengt in multible games make it stronger and you cant loose it

How can i use them in Minecraft

Immortal: The items will live forever in the metaverse, you can summon them whenever you want and you will never lose it.
  • What does this mean. You walk around in minecraft then suddenly you get attacked by a mob army and you loose all your items. You know the last death location but to get there safe, you will need weapons healing powers armor, blockchain items will stay in your wallet to summon at any time and will never go away unless you trade or sell them.
  • Or if you are mining and you dont have so much resources you could have a blockchain pick-axe, axe , shovel that you can always use and they wont cost you any resources. Mine a big mine without it cost you one diamond.
  • Or you are attacked by multible mobs in teh nether and your friends are not there with you, summon a compagnion and they would help you to win the batlle.
  • Level up your blockchain item it will be recorded on the blockchain and they will keep that level in every game and your hard work will never be lost.Interoperable:
The items can be summoned across all of our servers and also other games and Minecraft servers, because the metaverse connects the fabric reality.
  • If you switch servers the blockchain items will still be there.
  • You can use them in other minecraft partner servers.
  • First make a big mine and defend your home in survival, then go to the quests server and dungeons and fight your way trought them without losing your items everybody want to have you on there quest with these rare items.
Collectable: You can withdraw these items into your blockchain wallet, and store them forever.
  • Collect Your blockchain items Save and secure in your own ethereum wallet, all mymetaverse items are ERC-1155. You can collect them all and they are sercure forever, ofcourse dont loose your keys. Are you going to be the one who has all the minecraft rare blockchain assets.
Sellable and tradeble : You can sell the on any decentralized marketplace - for real money. or sell and trade ingame
Allow players to integrate, trade, and use blockchain gaming items through the servers.