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ID & Hero Support  

ID & Hero Support gives you access to everything you could possibly need to be a hero of our realm! Hero of the realm, you ask? Do not be intimidated, brave adventurer, because with your fancy new ID card and the helpful NPCs, you will be on track in no time!

Now, if you are not the type of Hero that enjoys talking to all the lovely NPC’s, or perhaps you do not have the time, you can type in /ID into the chat and find everything that you need there.

Within Hero Support you will meet:

  • Destiny: Who will keep you up to date on your progress as a hero at the Hero Registrar.
  • Tudor: Also known as The Enrollment Officer, will educate you on the different classes available and help you choose what kind of hero you want to be.
  • Grey Beard: Is here to bestow his years of wisdom in attribute points as your new Personal Counsel.
  • Ragnar: Has brought his fighting prowess to the table and as our Drill Sergeant will train you in special power moves.
  • Tarani: Is The Professor who, for a fee, will help you retrain your attribute points and even your class.

Hero Registrar “Destiny”: Your Profile

To get here from /id you will want to click on your Player's Head at the top of the menu. Here is where you will find information on you hero's progression.

In the left panel you will find your stats:

  • Class Information (Hover over your head): Name, Current Level, Experience Progression, Skill Points, Current Class, & any Class Points.
  • Physical Attributes (Hover over the apple): Current Strength, Attack Damage & Speed, Health Max & Regen, Stamina Health & Regen, Armor, and Armor Toughness.
  • Dexterity Attributes (Hover over the boots): Current Dexterity, Knockback Resistance, Movement Speed, and Speed Malus Reduction
  • Intellect Attributes (Hover over the book): Current Intelligence, Mana Max & Regen, Skill Cooldown Reduction, Extra Experience, and Stellium Max & Regen.

In the right panel you will find your Jobs:

Currently, leveling up in these jobs help you gain more experience towards your main level.

  • Mining
  • Woodcutting
  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Alchemy
  • Smithing
  • Enchanting
  • Smelting

Dying Has Consequences

The good thing about dying is that you keep your inventory; however, death is not free of loss.

Every time you die, you will lose 5% XP that is going towards your current level. So make sure you have yourself well equipped or grab some fantastic teammates and keep yourselves alive to soak up as much of that sweet XP as you can!

The Enrollment Officer "Tudor": Choose a Class

To get here from /id you will want to click on the left most icon in the middle row of the menu. When hovered over it should read Classes.

Choose the kind of Hero you want to be. Do you like to sneak in quick and one-shot your enemies? Maybe the Rouge is for you. Is going in and being able to hack and slash your way through hordes more your type? Then the Warrior might be calling your name. Maybe you enjoy laughing at your enemies as you take them down one by one at a distance? Then the Marksman would be most suitable. Perhaps, yours is a more academic position, and you have tolled over many of tomes to master the arcane arts? Clearly, the Mage is where you belong. Is calling on hordes of enemies to attack you instead of your allies something you find yourself doing? Then it would seem that you would be a Paladin always looking out for others. Remember, no matter which path you choose to walk, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely and become a master in your class.

  • Rouge: Their significant damage burst potential and lack of health force them to one-shot their targets before being taken down.
  • Warrior: Extraordinary fighting and evolving capabilities grant them much higher per-level stats than other classes. The Warrior collects rage when performing skills, temporarily increasing their base damage.
  • Marksman: A swift and accurate ranged fighter the best known to never miss with any arrow loosed from their bow.
  • Mage: Mastering the power of the Arcanes making them capable of taking down any enemy within their path using powerful magic & ranged abilities.
  • Paladin: A heavy tank fighter who uses their mana to heal and protect their companions.

You can change classes if you decide you don't like the one you've chosen. More information on changing your class is found under The Professor further down on this page.

Personal Counsel “Grey Beard”: Attributes

To get here from /id you will want to click on the Middle Most Icon in the middle row of the menu. When hovered over it should read Attributes.

Here is where you can use your Attribute Points which you gain by leveling in your class. Each attribute tells you what will be leveled by spending a point in it, allowing you to customize your hero’s fighting style.

  • Strength: Weapon Damage & Max Health
  • Dexterity: Physical Damage, Projectile Damage, & Attack Speed
  • Intelligence: Magic Damage & Cooldown Reduction
  • Warriors and Paladins usually find themselves focusing on Strength to help them slay massive hoards and take damage with ease.

Rogues and Marksman usually find themselves with a focus on Dexterity. Being the quick and nimble classes, they need the speed to run in and strike quickly or put distance between them and the enemy to use projectiles. Warriors may also find themselves dipping their toes in this pool to allow them to get into combat faster.

Lastly, Mages will find their focus in Intelligence as it gives the most significant boost to magic damage and reduces their cooldowns faster. Paladins may also find themselves dipping their toes into this pool more than other classes to help fuel their ability to heal their allies.

This is also the menu that you can spend your reallocation points if you have found yourself unhappy with your build. More information on reallocation points can be found under The Professor further down on this page.

The Drill Sergeant “Ragnar”: Power Moves

To get here from /id you will want to click on the Right Most Icon in the middle row of the menu. When hovered over it should read Power Moves.

Here is where you can read up on the skills you have learned, bind them for active use, and upgrade them with skill points earned on level-ups.

Power Moves are a unique and amazing set of abilities that players can utilize to defeat their enemies or buff their allies while in combat. There are two different kinds of skills Passive and Active. Passive skills are always active and do not require activation to use; however, active skills need to be bound and “cast” in order to be used.

Binding Active Skills:

You have 6 skill slots that you can bind active skills to. On the bottom row, you will see a Red Glass Block; when hovered over, it should read “Switch to binding.” By clicking on this, you will switch to the binding menu and be able to select the skills you want to use.

If you have no bound skills, you will see all grey icons in the bottom row. Click on the skill you want to select and then left-click on the slot you want to bind it to. Once a skill is successfully bound, the grey icon will turn into a book.

It is as simple as that, and using them is even simpler. All you need to do is hit the “F” key and then press the key in correspondence to the skill you want to use. You may also press the “F” key again to cancel out of the skill selection.  

Unbinding Skills:

If you wish to unbind a skill, you can hover over its spot in the bottom row in the binding skills menu and right-click. The lowest keybinds will always be used first, so if you have all 6 positions filled and unbind skill number 1, the rest of the skills will fill the lower keybinds leaving spot 6 open instead.

Upgrading Skills:

Players can choose which skills they want to spend their skill points on based on their play style and the skill path they decided to follow.

To upgrade a skill, make sure you are not in the binding menu and then click on the desired skill to select it. You can see how powerful the upgraded spell will be, its new mana cost, and its new cooldown time before spending your skill point on the bottom of the menu. Once you are sure you want to upgrade that skill, simply click on the green box in the middle, and your skill will be upgraded.

Skill List:

  • Ambers: Ambers drop when dealing magic damage granting X% max mana when picked up.
  • Backstab: Deals X% extra damage.
  • Combo Attack: Repeatedly slashes the target for X total damage.
  • Control: Slows the target. When left clicking, knocks target back.
  • Deep Wound: Punctures target X damage dependent on target health.
  • Empowered Attack: Charges your weapon with lightning. Your next attack deals extra damage and spreads to nearby enemies.
  • Evade: You become immune to damage for X amount of time or until you attack.
  • Fire Berserker: Passively deal X amount of increased damage when on fire.  
  • Fire Rage: Slow down and arm your fists with 3 fire bolts.
  • Fire Storm: Fire projectiles cast on the target dealing X damage.
  • Furtive Strike: Deals X damage, increased if target is alone.
  • Greater Healings: A better version of Minor Healing.
  • Human Shield: Redirects X damage taken by allies to the player.
  • Ice Spikes: Ice spikes summon from the ground dealing X amount of damage and slowing enemies.
  • Minor Healings: Heals for X on target/self if crouching.
  • Neptune’s Gift: Resource regeneration is increased when standing in water.
  • Power Mark: A mark spreads around the target and any damage dealt within its radius accumulates. After X amount of time the mark explodes dealing X% of accumulated damage while knocking back and stunning nearby enemies. The higher the damage dealt the longer the stun will be.
  • Sneaky Picky: Deal X more damage when delivering the first blow in a fight.
  • Telekinesy: Target’s movement is taken over, left click to knock them back.
  • Warp: Point at the ground & Teleport to target location.
  • Weaken: Weakens target increasing their damage taken.

The Professor “Tarani”: Buying points

To get here from /id you will want to click on the Bottom Most Icon of the menu. When hovered over it should read Buy Points.

As you play the game, you will find multiple ways to earn money, like killing mobs, completing Metapass challenges, and selling items. One of the things that you can spend that in-game money on is Class Points and Reallocation Points.

Class Points: If you have decided you do not like your class or just want a change, it will cost you 1 class point. However, the Professor will not do this for free, and every time you decide you want to change your class, it will cost you $1,000 in-game money. Used with the Enrollment Officer.

Reallocation Points:  Not happy with the skill build that you have chosen for your hero? Not a problem, the Professor will be glad to help you by giving you a Reallocation Point for your attributes for $3,000 in-game money. Used with the Personal Counsel.

Finally, Go Have FUN!!!

Now it is time to start all the fun and begin your adventure in the MetaCity: Minecraft world!

You can go to the Survival server and start to build your home, go into the blockchain dungeons to test out your skills, and explore the world!

You can also go to the Skyblock server and help the King and Knights of the realm defeat the Urks and Dark Triad by building your island and doing quests!

Be the hero we need even if we don’t deserve you!