Farmer's Daughter Shop

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The Shop

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Welcome to the Farmer’s Daughter Shop! Here is where you can earn some easy cash for the Daily and Weekly Crates. Gaining money for the crates is actually quite easy and you might have already noticed the little vegetable fields around the Lobby. All you have to do now is harvest and sell.

You can use either your hand or the hoe that you get when you complete the Lobby’s diploma. Once you have harvested carrots, potatoes, and/or beets head on over to the shop and right click on the Farmer’s Daughter to access her shopfront.

You will see the three available vegetables and if you hover over them you will see their buy and sell prices as well as instructions.

  • Left click will open the Buy menu.
  • Right Click will open up the Sell menu.
  • Middle mouse click will automatically Sell All of that particular vegetable.
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If you only want to sell a particular amount go ahead and right click to open the sell menu. Here you will see quite a few options.

  • The middle vegetable and count reflects the amount that you are looking to sell.
  • To the left, you will see red blocks that will allow you to subtract from the main total.
  • To the right, you will see green blocks that will allow you to add to the main total.
  • The bottom middle rows will allow you to confirm your sale, back out of your sale, and even the option to sell multiple stacks.

Once you’ve made enough money for the daily or weekly crate head on over and open them up to see what you get!