How to start building your island

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Were can i start a new island and can i find my /home.

Link to a youtube video

Skyblock home portal .png

When you enter the /skyblock lobby. you have to go to island services there you will find the /home portal. Step in to the portal and you will teleported to -Choose you shematics or when this is done directly to your /home island.

Choose your schematics

  • Before you get your island, you have to choose your schematics. becarefull what you choose you can't change after.

You can delete your island and make a new island but deleting your island will cost 10000 ingame money.

Choices shematics

Starting shematics skyblock1.png

Nature Island -Terra Island- Desert Island- End Island- Winter Island

your basic shematics

When you start your island, you have some basic items included in your island. Becarefull not to mine and loose them because it will make it a lot easier to make a succesfull, great island.

Every island basic shematics is different and unique so sometimes its more easy to start then other times. You can delete your island and make a new one but deleting your island will cost 10000 ingame money.

Your starting chest.

  • When you get on your island, you have a few basics in your chest

your chest.

skyblock starting chest
  1. 1x iron sword  - 1x iron shovel - 1x iron pickaxe   - 1 iron axe  - 1x iron hoe - 1x iron helmet - 1x iron chestplate - 1x iron pants - 1x iron shoes -1x jungle sapling - 3 x pumpkin seeds - 3 x beetroot seeds - 3 x time melon seeds   2x carrot - 2x potato - 1x lava bucket - 1x water bucket  

Crafting table.

Crafting table .png

A crafting table you can use for making items you will need to build your island left click on the table.

A video for basic crafting

Cobble stone generator.

how does it work.

Cobble stone generator.png

Get a pickaxe and mine the cobble stone by hold left click with a pickaxe in your hand. Once you mine the block a new block will emerge.

When you play the missions you can see them with the island manager, you will get crystals with these crystals you can go to the Upgrade your island Gui and buy cobble stone generator upgrade there are 3 levels and each cost you 15 crystals. This will make your cobble stone generator generate more special ores.

You can also go to the Minions gui. and buy the mining minion for 7000 ingame $. Remove the sign next to it place the minion here. and it will mine the blocks for you.

Jump off your skyblock island

Jump you wont die.

Just jump.pngWhen you jump of your skyblock island you wont die and loose your inventory but it will take you to the /Questlobby

Farm land

Your basic farmland skyblock.png

Farm land shape will look different on every skyblock island . But it will be some farmeble blocks with a water source next to it.

A video of how to farm land the basics

Island Services.

Click this link to go to island services explanation

There is a lot you can do to your island.

Island Manager add members ,see your missions , co-op with other players, set permissions

upgrade your island, Make you island bigger, get extra warps, upgrade your cobblestone generator, add extra members

Boost your island. increased mobs for limited time , increased for limited time, increased xp for limited time and fly for limited time