Island services

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Island services

Island services is there for building your skyblock island, to make it bigger, better, boost it and co-op so you can make the best island you can imagine. It also contains the portal to your island.

To learn how to start a skyblock island click here

Island bank: How to use the bank

The Island bank you can use to store and grow your money and Crystals. you will get a interest rate of 1% on all your money and Crystals you deposit in the bank.

At a later point we will add more features to the bank.

Booster : How to boost your island

Boost your island.

increased mobs

for limited time 1 realtime hour

increased crobs

for limited time 1 realtime hour

increased xp

for limited time 1 realtime hour

fly for limited time

1 realtime hour

Minion shop: How to get helpers for your island

Minions. Click here for more info.

Minions allow the player to earn resources even while offline. A Minion generates resources from the center of a 5x5 Area by default and generates different materials depending on its type. Minions can also be upgraded, with each tier increasing either minion capacity or action time.

Minion store

Buy minions that you can use on your skyblock island

Minion Heads

Minion heads are skins you can buy to give your minions a awesome look.

Upgrade: How to upgrade your island

island size

Make you island bigger,

Member count

add extra members

Island warps

get extra warps,

Island generator

upgrade your cobblestone generator,

Island manager: How to costumize your island

add members

see your missions

Complete skyblock missions to gain crystals that can be spend for upgrades and boosters for you skyblock island

co-op with other players

set permissions

Vote manager: vote for mymetaverse within the skyblock server