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How to Mint NFT Blockchain Items in MetaCity: Minecraft

In order to mint NFT Blockchain Assets in MetaCity: Minecraft you will first need to make sure you gather all of the ingredients. These ingredients can be obtained by exploring on the WildPoint: Mining & Dungeons survival server, rewards chests in various worlds, and through special events.

  • To access the Minter press E in the game and left click on the Minter symbol as circled in the first image below.
  • Once loaded you will see a menu with 4 Blockchain Asset Collections. Left click to select the collection you would like to access.
  1. MyMetaverse Official Collection
  2. The Multiverse Official Collection
  3. Enjincraft Official Collection
  4. ENJ Army Collection
  • When you have the collection open you can see the items available. If you hover your mouse over the item you will see all of the details of that item including a list of materials required to mint that item.
  • Once you have all of the materials needed to mint the item of your choice go ahead and left click on that item. This will mint the item and send it to your wallet for you to use.
  • Please remember that sometimes your game wallet and the website wallet take some time to communicate especially if a lot of people are minting at the same time. However, if you have not seen your items appear in either wallet after a few hours please contact staff on Discord or Telegram.

Minter ss.pngMinter panal Labeled.pngMinter hover ss.png

MetaCity Mintable NFT Items & Recipes

Materials not currently in a recipe:

  1. End crystals.pngEnd Crystals
  2. End shard.pngEnd Shards
  3. Immortal oak log.pngImmortal Oak Logs

MyMetaverse Items - Coming Soon

The Multiverse Items

Image Name Materials
Epochrome Sword.jpeg Epochrome Sword Soul sapphire.png Soul Sapphire (1)

Chrome nugget.pngChrome Nugget (7)

Blessed gold nugget.pngBlessed Gold Nugget (2)

Enjinite.png Enjinite Residue (3)

Forgehammer.jpg Forge Hammer Soul sapphire.png Soul Sapphire (1)

End ingot.png End Ingot (3)

Bronze ingot.png Bronze Ingot (3)

Enjinite.png Enjinite Residue (3)

Oindrasdain.jpg Oindrasdain Aqua aura.png Aqua Aura (4)

Chrome nugget.pngChrome Nugget (5)

Crimson planks.pngCrimson Plank (1)

Enjinite.pngEnjinite Residue (3)

EnjinCraft Items

Image Name Materials
Wooden sword.png Wooden Sword Immortal oak planks.png Immortal Oak Plank (3)

Immortal oak stick.pngImmortal Oak Stick (1)

Enjinite.pngEnjinite Residue (1)

Wooden shield.png Wooden Shield Immortal oak planks.png Immortal Oak Plank (4)

Chrome nugget.pngChrome Nuggets (5)

Enjinite.png Enjinite Residue (1)

Iron sword.png Iron Sword Blessed iron nugget.pngBlessed Iron Nugget (7)

Chrome nugget.pngChrome Nugget (1)

Enjinite.png Enjinite Residue (2)

Golden sword .png Golden Sword Blessed gold nugget.pngBlessed Gold Nugget (7)

Chrome nugget.pngChrome Nugget (1)

Enjinite.png Enjinite Residue (3)

ENJ Army Items-Coming Soon

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