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Introduction to Quests

The dark triad with the help of Urks have taken over the world.

Quests is a rpg minecraft style game, were you must help the king and knights with quests to defeat the urks and dark triad.

You start as a basic hero but the goal is to become the ultimate hero of skyblock server

Choose you class Mage, Marksman, Paladin, Rogue, and Warrior. in the id menu at the hero support Enrollment officer

Gain ingame money, xp, and atribute points to level up your hero. Find ancient weapons, collect magical secret items, co-op with other players level up your blockchain items and become the hero of Mymetaverse.

How to get started

Quests step 1.png
  • Go the the skyblock server /skyblock in chat. or skyblock in the smartphone menu
  • Go to the quest NPC next to hero support
  • go to the quests npc
  • Left click the quest NPC
Quests step 2.1.png
Quests step 2.png
  • First you will see the welcome menu
  • Left click on new recruit.
  • When you clicked it, it will show quest accepted.
Quests step 3.png
  • The chat will start the storyline
  • Read carefully what you need to do.
  • If you did not see the text, press / and the chat will show the story.
Quests step 4.png
  • Now your off to some exciting quest, feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins and start this epic journey.
  • Follow the Gps on top of the screen to complete the quest.
  • If the quest stop working because you went out of the server, or went to your island type /continue
Enrollment officer.png
Quests step 5.png
  • When you will find the end of the current quest, it will say Quest complete.
  • You will get 10 Metapoints and 100 XP
Quests step 6.png
  • Now you get can get to the next quest
  • Enjoy the andrenaline pumping for this cool magical journey

What to do when your stuck

When your stuck and you dont see the GPS for your current quest. Type in the ingame chat /Continue. This will start the questline at the point where you were in the storyline.

Quest warps

Quests warps are spawn points in the quests world. Its a easy way to travel to different points in the world.

To warp type /warp [warpname] in the ingame chat .

Use these commands for the warps

/warp aman

/warp citadel

/warp docklands

/warp hills

/warp lobby

/warp marketplace

/warp niwan

/warp outpost

/warp pricipece

/warp shrine

/ warp skypoint

/warp tirion

/warp transporter