Restless explorer GPS and skyblock map

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Skyblock map and all erea's

Map skyblock.png

/warp aman

/warp citadel

/warp docklands

/warp hills

/warp lobby

/warp marketplace

/warp niwan

/warp outpost

/warp pricipece

/warp shrine

/ warp skypoint

/warp tirion

/warp transporter

Restless explorer GPS

The Restless Explorer is your gps around the island, it will help you with a GPS on top of your screen to several points in the quest island.

To start the GPS go to the restless explorer and left click on it. Choose one of the points of interest you want to go in the menu.

now the gps will start and teel you how many blocks you have to travel. follow the arrow to get to your point of interest

Quests step 6.png

  • Quest GPS an option to start the quest at the point where you were in the storyline.
  • Hero support
  • Island services
  • The market
  • Orewell
  • Coalspring
  • Wheat farm
  • Cane farm
  • Melon farm
  • Carot farm
  • Patato farm
  • Pumpkin farm
  • Bamboo farm
  • Underground resistence