Server help commands

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Under construction! Some of these commands may be outdated.

Server wide /help commands


Create unbounded value and explore worlds within worlds.

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/id - Manage your player profile and level up faster

/diploma - Complete tests and unlock special abilities

/ascend - Create metaverse items

/summon - Use your metaverse items

/vault - Open your secure storage safe

/transport - Travel through the metaverse





/help social - Find and connect with your friends

/help survival - More information about playing Survival

/help skyblock - More information about playing SkyBlock

/Help social

/help social

Make friends form alliances and create something greater than yourself!


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t - Talk to everyone

/local - Toggle between talking to the world you’re in, or the entire network

/w <player> - Send a private whisper to another player

/r - Reply to a private whisper

/tpa - Send a request to teleport to another player

/Help Suvival

/help survival

Collect resources, build unique architecture, claim sovereign lands, battle vicious mobs, eat lavishly and explore boundless worlds.


/survive - Fast-travel to the survival lobby



/Help Skyblock

/help skyblock

SkyBlock is a survival map where players live and build on a floating island. The goal of the map is to survive, expand your island, grow your own food, and thrive.


/skyblock - Fast-travel to the skyblock lobby

/travel - Opens the Fast-Travel GUI

/arrow - Open the GPS GUI

/sethome - set a home location

/home - return to your home location

/quest - View your current quest

/quest journal - Toggle the Quest Journal

/quest continue - Continue a quest and summon the GPS

/myisland - Open the island manager GUI

/is create - Creates a new island

/is home - return to your island

/is invite - Invite a player to your island

/is missions - Opens the missions GUI

/is upgrade - Opens the upgrades GUI

/is booster - Opens the booster GUI

/is crystals - Shows you how many crystals you have

/is givecrystals - Gives a player island crystals

/is givebooster - Gives a player booster

/is removecrystals - Removes an islands crystals

/is members - View your island members

/is fly - Toggle your ability to fly

/is setwarps - Sets a new Island warp

/is warps - Shows you your islands warps

/is value - Shows you your island value

/is coop - Give player permissions to edit your island

/is uncoop - Remove players permissions to edit your island

/is join - Join another players island

/is bank - Open the bank gui

/is chat - Talk to your island members