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Server Address and How to Add a Server

Our server address to the MetaCity: Minecraft is:

If you have never added a multiplayer server to Minecraft before simply follow these steps:

  1. Once Minecraft has loaded select Multiplayer.
  2. Select Add Server
  3. Fill in your information. Server Name is only something you can see so feel free to make that whatever you would like. Server Address is where you will add out server information.
  4. Make sure that you enable our server resource packs enabled. It will load and unload as you use our server without having to download the resource pack yourself.
  5. After all of your information is set, click on done, and you will be brought back to your multiplayer server list.
  6. Double click on the server and have fun!!

MC Loader.pngAdd server.pngServer info.pngAdd server done.png