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Skyblock: A challenge map where players live and build on a floating island. The goal of this map is to survive, expand your island, farm your own food, and thrive against the odds set against you.

Quests: A RPG Minecraft-style game, where you must help the King and Knights of Aman with quests to defeat the Urks and the Dark Triad. You start as a basic hero, but can you become the true hero of Aman?


  • Voting/Reward Chests - Everyday you can open a daily rewards chest and vote for our server to obtain vote chest keys.
  • Restless Explorer - Is your guide by giving you a GPS directional arrow around the Quest World of Aman, The Immortal Lands.
  • Hero Support - Is where you access everything you could possibly need to become a better hero!
  • Island Services - Is where you can spend in-game money and crystals to upgrade your island, boot its resource production, change its biome, and add co-op to make the island of your dreams!
  • The Market - The market is where you can buy and sell items produced on your islands, get the things you need to build a better and greater island, and sell items for in-game money.
  • Metapass Skyblock Missions - Can be completed to gain crystals and in-game money.


Diplomas are a fun and unique way to walk you through getting started on Skyblock, like visiting your island and mining cobble. Work as fast as you can in the challenge and gain great rewards!

Can you do it faster than the other citizens of Aman?


The Dark Triad have used the Urks to help take over the world of Aman. You will do quests to help the King and the Knights retake their home and save the citizens! 

Money & Crystals

Earn In-Game Money and Crystals by completing Quests and Metapass Skyblock Missions. You can also earn in-game money by selling items in the market.

In-game money and crystals are handy if you want to make changes to your island. Whether that be upgrading your island, changing the biome, or purchasing minions.


Minions are extremely useful because they will collect resources for you even when you are offline! They work within a 5x5 area to start and generate resources specific to its type. Minions can be upgraded to higher tiers giving them a higher capacity or action time.