Skyblock home Quests: upgrade your island, hero, make friends and explore

From MyMetaverse

The lobby

Island services

  • Island bank: How to use the bank
  • Booster : How to boost your island
  • Minion shop: How to get helpers for your island
  • Upgrade: How to upgrade your island
  • Island manager: How to costumize your island
  • Vote manager: vote for mymetaverse within the skyblock server

Heroes support:

  • How to upgrade and see you hero stats

The market

  • How to buy and sell products
  • list of the different markets


  • How to start/end/continue Quests
  • List of gps locations

Restless explorer (GPS)

  • How to use your GPS and navigate around the server

Guild manager

  • How to start a guild

Community manager

  • How to make friends