Survival: The Wilds (PvE)

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Survival is a game mode where players need to explore the world, collect resources, create structures, farm food, and battle mobs in an effort to survive within Siniath (our world name). You can also fight your way through the NFT Dungeons and mint NFTs. You will find Sinianth is full of recreation like partying in the disco, volleyball, football, and parkour. So grab some friends or make some new ones and enjoy the survival world of Sinianth!


  • Voting/Reward Chests - Everyday you can open a daily rewards chest and vote for our server to obtain vote chest keys.
  • Spawn Guide - A mysterious faceless NPC that can transport you to different areas within the lobby.
  • Market Shops - A place to buy and sell different materials.
  • Crafting Station - A place to upgrade your weapons and armor.
  • Quest & Missions - Daily and weekly quests that reward you as you level up your Meta Pass.
  • Entertainment - Parkour, Volleyball, Football, Nightclub, & the Chill Zone are places you can interact with your friends when you need a break from the rigorous life in The Wilds!

Siniath: Building & Farming World

Siniath’s Building & Farming World is where it is essential for players to explore the world, collect resources, create structures, farm food, and battle mobs to survive. This world is where your primary survival and homesteading occur and where you will stake your claim, as discussed in Claiming Land and Building Your Home below.

WildPoint: Mining & Dungeons World

WildPoint: Mining & Dungeons World is where you will delve deep into the mines or fight off hordes doing missions to earn NFT materials.

Claiming Land and Building Your Home

Survival is hard enough, but even more so with added players trying to go after the same resources. The great news is that within the Sinianth world, you can stake out your own land to claim and build a home that is just yours. Once you have claimed your area, no one else is allowed to build, access chests, or directly alter the land there. If you truly trust someone, you can add them to your claim so that you can both work together. The most important thing to remember is after you have claimed your land is to type /sethome so that you can teleport back there with /home anytime you need to. If you want to learn more about How to Claim Land and Build Your Home is your ultimate guide.


NFTs that can be minted within MetaCity: Minecraft requires you to gather materials before being crafted, just like any other item in the Minecraft universe. These are not meant to be easy to acquire and mint; they will take a lot of hard work and patience or perhaps some skilled trading with your fellow users. If you want to learn more about minting NFTs and their recipes, head on over to the Minter.