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What is the Wallet and How to Open it

Open Wallet.png
  • To access your Wallet in game press E to open the menu and click on the 4th icon to the right as circled in the image. You can also type /wallet into the chat.
  • The Wallet is your personal Enjin ERC-1155 NFT wallet connected with MetaCity: Minecraft.
  • If you have not yet connected your Enjin ERC-1155 NFT Wallet click on How to Get Started to learn more.
  • This connects your compatible ERC-1155 NFT’s to MetaCity: Minecraft making them usable items.
  • To learn more about NFT Blockchain assets take a look at Blockchain Items Explained
  • Take a look at MyMetaverse Compatible Blockchain Assets to see a full list of ERC-1155 NFTs that are usable in the MetaCity: Minecraft.

Different Blockchain Assets and How to Summon Them

Wallet numbered.png
  • To access your Wallet in game press E to open the menu and click on the 4th icon to the right as circled in the image above. You can also type /wallet into the chat.
  • When your wallet has loaded you will see 6 different tabs available separating the different NFTs into categories.
  1. Equipment: These are items meant to help you interact in game with other players, mobs, or blocks more efficiently.
  2. Companions: Upon activating a companion it will follow you around lending you its abilities in combat.
  3. Mounts: Are creatures, animals, vehicles, and others that allow you to ride, travel, and sometimes fight.
  4. Titles: Special titles that are showcased in chat.
  5. Keys: Keys give access to special servers, rooms, quests, chests, discord channels, and telegram channels.
  6. Other: Community creations ranging from running faster, seeing in the dark, being light as a feather, and more.
  • If your wallet has been linked correctly you will be able to see your compatible ERC-1155 NFTs under one of the tabs.
  • To summon one of your assets click on it in the menu and it will appear in your inventory instantly!
  • Keep in mind that items have a Summon Time and a Cooldown Time.
  1. Summon Time: Is the time that an item can be used for before disappearing and requiring a resummon.
  2. Cooldown Time: Is the time that you must wait between summoning that item again.
  • Hovering over your item will display all of the items information including the summoning time and the cooldown times as seen in the image to the right. 
Wallet Hover.png