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Survival market.png

Different market shops

The market explained

the market

The market is a place where you can buy and sell items. Get the items you need to build a better and greater island/home. And sell items to get ingame $money to buy, new gear weapons, minions, land, game points and buy cool stuff on auctions.

Work the local toolsmith

     local toolsmith

Fight outpost Armorer

    Outpost Armorer

Eat Four-star Chef

    Four-Star Chef

Farm farmers daughter

    Farmers Daughter

Build Master builder

     Master Builder

Agent of creation

   Agent of creation

Tomes illusionist Savaant


Tomes are items that can be used for magical happenings.

  • Tome of insight

The tome of insight you can use to change unidentified items into indentified items.

If you have a unidentied item in your inventory, you can buy the tome of insight and drag it onto a unidentified item and it will change in a magical item.