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Welcome to MetaCity!

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Now available to play through Minecraft Java Edition at the server address mc.mymetaverse.io.

MetaCity: Minecraft is the first Minecraft network to offer players Metaverse items that can be used in multiple games and apps.

MetaCity focuses on building the most epic Minecraft experiences!


This Wiki is under a complete reconstruction! You may find some outdated information within these pages as our server is still under full development. As we get closer and closer to completion, things will change and be updated permanently. If you have any questions about anything, we urge you to please reach out to us via Telegram or Discord! Thank you for your patience while we are under development as we know if there were no you, there would be no us!

In-game menu (Press E)

Spawn Point Main Hub (/hub)

Skyblock Quests (/skyblock)

Skyblock: A challenge map where players live and build on a floating island. The goal of this map is to survive, expand your island, farm your own food, and thrive against the odds set against you.

Blockchain and Minecraft

Official Social Platforms